Research. Apply. Document. #6 Digital Skeuomorphs

Digital Skeuomorphs

Discipline: Digital Design

Digital Skeuomorphs is visual icons that represent real life objects. We look at digital skeuomorphs daily. Users can make the connection with objects they use daily. Apps on phones use these icons, such as the phone and mail icons use a phone headset, and an illustration of an envelope for mail.

Below are examples that give the user an easy connection to the actual physical objects they are used to. In iCal the layout looks similar to an actual calendar, even with the stitching and leather look at the top. The mobile icons on the iphone also lets users easy connect what each icon is for because of the similarity to the physical object.


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iBooks, Mail, Notes, Compass, and Maps are examples skeuomorphs. I think they will stay around for quite some time still, but for the younger generations the phone icon might already look dated to them. It is the old hand held phone which we do not see very much anymore, and I have already heard that some younger kids did not know what a floppy disk is, so the save icon probably does not make much sense to them, but it is what they were taught to do.–webdesign-7638


Author: MattBlair

I am a designer with a focus on user experience.

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