Research. Apply. Document. #8 Feedback


Discipline: Human-Computer Interaction

Feedback will show the user if an action has been completed, or if something more needs to be done. It can serve as a confirmation or an alert. On a human level, feedback is something most people enjoy. A Facebook, or Instagram post can receive “Likes” and this is feedback that people are enjoying what you post. To design web pages and apps for this, we should think of what a user would want feedback on, whether it is a confirmation or alert.

Below we see a confirmation that I successfully registered, because of the “Thank you!” that appeared and replaced the “submit” button. Another example is the pop up that I was about to send an email without a subject. It alerted me that I should put something in the subject line.


I’m thankful for feedback, especially in Outlook, which lets me know when something is misspelled before I send off an email. A pop up will appear telling me what word is spelt incorrectly and I can quickly change it and send the email in the same pop up screen.

Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 7.12.23 PM.png

Above is another example of feedback. On Facebook, there was an article I liked about the Twins beating the Royals, and once I liked it, the icon turned blue and the comments section expanded.



Author: MattBlair

I am a designer with a focus on user experience.

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