Research. Apply. Document. #12 Page Fold

Page Fold

Discipline: Web Design

I’m a fan of scrolling, and page designs that use large high quality pictures and videos. A lot of the modern websites use almost the whole page with an image or video, and encourage the user to scroll, or offer a visual cue on what to do next. A great example of this is Great Clips website. Majority of users for the Great Clips website are going to find a store, or check wait times. Right when you get to the site a video automatically plays and at the bottom it says “Find a Salon or Check-In” and the user can click that and the page will scroll down to a map with nearby salons and wait times. It looks great, and is incredibly simple for the user. The content above the fold for Great Clips, give the user a great experience and is very user friendly.

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Studies have shown as well that pixels above the fold are viewed 84% more than pixels below the fold. The image below is eyetracking from 57,453 users. This shows how important the design above the fold is and how to interact and direct the user to information. For more information on this study, follow the link below:



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Author: MattBlair

I am a designer with a focus on user experience.

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