Research. Apply. Document. #13 Signals and Cues

Signals and Cues

Discipline: Human Center Design

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The home screen on my iPhone has a signal for which page I am on. It has 4 dots toward the bottom, and the dot is highlighted when I am on that page. The same is for notifications, on missed phone calls, mail, Instagram, Facebook, all these apps will use a signal similar to the red dot in the top right of the icon.

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Duluth Trading Co uses a good job of signals and cues on their navigation. Click on the section you would like to view, and the signal is a highlighted tab with red text. This makes it easy for the user to view what section they are in. The navigation bar stays consistent by highlighting the tab you are on.

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Above is an example of a cue on Netflix. When I scroll over a title, the title comes up and a play button appears. This gives me the cue that I can click this to play the video, and that my cursor is over this title.

Signals and cues are a great part of design, and can really help user experience and create less hassle for the user. It can be frustrating being on a webpage, and not knowing where you are or how much steps you have left if you are filling out a form.


Author: MattBlair

I am a designer with a focus on user experience.

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