Research. Apply. Document. #16 Responsive Design

Responsive Design

Discipline: Web/Mobile Design

When thinking of responsive design, I think I am spoiled with how many great websites and apps do such a great job focusing on this design. Netflix did a great job with their rebrand and making it possible for users to switch devices easily. If I want to watch a movie on my laptop, but then go to bed and want to finish on the phone I can quickly press the app icon, and resume watching.

An article I found that encourages more of an adaptive design rather than responsive design has some good points. Some sites have not changed to responsive design, but this article gives some good points to change to an adaptive design. The adaptive design can be customized for the customer experience, and help the user contact the company easier, find a product and just enhance a user experience. The point is that responsive design is not enough anymore.



Author: MattBlair

I am a designer with a focus on user experience.

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