Research. Apply. Document. #18 Wireframes



Discipline: User Experience

I like sketching and wireframes and find them incredibly useful. I like the idea of quickly putting together an app or website, and starting to see it come together and from there building on to it. The article I found on Medium does a great job of showing how to start a wireframe and gives reasoning behind the process.

Dustin, the author of the article, had a good illustration that I found true to how I design right now. I feel like I start the process, have some structure and want to quickly get to the final product. The image on the left is what I feel like, as a new designer, and the image on the right is the process for a senior designer. More direct, specific path solving issues like functionality, and purpose as opposed to what I think of like visuals, and cool fonts.

I think practicing using wireframes, and keeping in mind the problem we want to solve will help me as a designer rather than focusing on making things look cool.



Author: MattBlair

I am a designer with a focus on user experience.

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